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MPD Sports Management is a full-service sports management firm dedicated to providing our clients with the best representation available.

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WhoWe Are

MPD Sports Management stands for 'My Professional Dream' Sports Management, because that’s what we do - take talented athletes and move them closer to fulfilling their dreams.

At MPD Sports Management we place talented sports individuals in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right people. We have over 20 years experience in the sports industry, building an extensive network of contacts with clubs and individuals.

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WhatWe Do

MPD Sports Management offer quality agency services through our network of leading members of sports and industry. We specialise in all areas of sports management to ensure you achieve to your fullest potential. With a team of highly skilled agents and dedicated management staff, we act purely in the best interest of our clients and strive to not only meet, but exceed their requirements.

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Contract Negotiations

Our company provides an extensive in depth service for contracts. We will undertake all negotiations on your behalf to ensure your contracts reflect your ability in your chosen sport.

Lifestyle Management

MPD Sports Management are committed to our very close personal relationships with our clients. We look to provide a quality lifestyle bespoke service to their individual needs.

Commercial Opportunities

We always seek to provide a number of lucrative commercial opportunities for our clients at all levels.

Wealth Management

MPD Sports Management can provide invaluable assistance with the day to day running of the financial affairs of our clients.

PR / Marketing

We build marketing plans that are very specific to each client. No other sports management company commits more time, passion or energy on the individual player than MPD Sports Management.

Financial Services

At MPD Sports Management we realise how important it is to keep focus on your game. Our dedicated team will be keeping their focus on safely increasing your wealth with a clear strategy goal agreed with the client and in line with your ambitions.

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